Jewelry celebrates life and is saturated with sentiment.

Like all things cherished, whether a love token, friendship gift, mementos from cherished lovers, friends, and family or simply a gift to your self, they mean something special so be gentle with them.

Here you’ll find some suggestions to take care of your jewels in the best way possible.​

Jewels are fragile and should not be dropped. When putting them on or taking them off, you should do so over a soft surface so if they drop, at least their fall is cushioned.

As much as you may love water, be it a bath, a swim or a shower, your jewels prefer to watch you than assist. Furthermore, they are not big fans of perfumes and lotions.


Jewels do not like being thrown into a bag or a box with other items. Like knights in shining armor, each jewel defends its special place in your heart and will battle its rivals to do so. To avoid them carrying the signs of combat, you should stow them in their individual pouches.

As much as your jewels love you, they do not fancy the idea of being your overnight companions. Taking them off before going to bed avoids them tangling and being subject to stress as you move during your sleep.

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